body suits with velcro
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GIFT [y|ift]
Swedish for: 'married', 'poison'
Stretchy jersey knit,
velcro, zippers

With no difference in spelling or pronunciation, the Swedish word "gift", (pronounced 'yift') means both 'poison' and 'married'. I felt the translation representative of this piece which plays with relationship roles, and the common dynamic of passive and aggressive.

As humans, we are defined through our relationships with others, and, similarly can come to percieve ourselves differently, for better or for worse, through the perception of others.

The zipper joining the two individuals at the face serves to symbolize their voluntary involvement in the relationship. Velcro, present only on one of the bodies, allows for a role division. Though both can initiate interaction, the aggressor (with velcro) can distort and change the body of the passive other, though they themselves become similarly entangled, and do not remain unaffected.

Photographs by Jessica Clements